Gemma Chan in Madga Butrym and Miss Sohee at the “Eternals” Rome Photocall and Premiere

Posted on October 25, 2021

We haven’t loved every style choice she made during this promo tour, but we’re starting to think Gemma Chan looked at how boring most of her Eternals co-stars are on the red carpet and decided she needed to do most of the heavy lifting on the style front. We thank her for her service. We will still be judging her efforts, however.




This is probably one of our least favorite styles of dress and it looks like it’s trending back into style after a few years away. We can’t decide if we dislike gigantic flowers or gigantic bows on dresses more. Surprisingly, she’s almost making this work. The color looks great on her and we love the pairing of those shoes with a mini-skirt. But the flower element is way out of proportion and that wraparound halter looks like it’s choking her.

Things got a little weirder for the premiere:



Well! Some choices were definitely made! Love the top and skirt. As much as we complain about them, we’re really not opposed to cutouts or crop tops in high fashion, but as with most things style-related, it’s all about proportion and placement. This looks fabulous on her and it has a really appealing, pseudo-1940s vibe that works great for her. We really love that she opted for the headpiece (most actresses wouldn’t even entertain the idea of wearing it on the red carpet), but for whatever reason, she and her team did not decide to wear it in the manner it was intended (see the look book shot below). We suspect the choice was made so that her face wouldn’t be obscured in any pictures, which is smart and makes sense. But it really doesn’t work sitting on the back of her head like that, rather than under her chin. It looks like she has two fascinators secured on either side of her head.




Style Credits:
First Look: Magda Butrym Dress from the Fall 2021 Collection
Second Look: Miss Sohee Ensemble from the Fall 2021 Collection

Styled by Rebecca Corbin-Murray | Hair by Neil Moodie | Makeup by Alex Babsky


[Photo Credit: Elisabetta Villa/Getty Images for Marvel, IPA/,]

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