Venice Film Festival: Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac at the “Scenes from a Marriage” Premiere

Posted on September 05, 2021

Credit to Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain for having their respective fingers on the pulse of celebrity culture, because they pretty much blew up social media worldwide yesterday when they stepped out onto the red carpet at the Venice Film Festival for the premiere of their film HBO Limited series Scenes From a Marriage.


You can see the whole exchange play out here and there’s no denying it’s an absolutely smoldering moment. They’re both married to other people and the likelihood that Oscar Isaac was overcome with lust for his co-star in front of a massive wall of cameras is — you’ll pardon us, shippers – a little too silly to consider. This was perfectly executed play-acting (much like the purse-holding panto they performed earlier in the day) and we have to admit, we don’t think we would have predicted the overwhelmingly credulous response to it. But this is the summer of Bennifer 2.0 and we think the stressed-out public is hungry for glamorous celebrity romance, whether real or not. As we said, good for them for having their fingers on the pulse. Not that we think there was some devious scheme at play here The whole thing seemed pretty spontaneous and they both just went with it, having fun in the moment. We bet the response to it took even them off guard.

Anyway fashion (which almost seems beside the point):


Well, they look amazing, of course. We suppose that also has something to do with the response. Had he pulled that stunt at a photo call, it would have looked cute. Pulling it when they both look like walking sex is gonna hit a little different.

We’re surprised by how well she can handle that red, given her coloring. We think her style sweet spot is right here, in the Jessica Rabbit zone of fashion. Put any fuss on her and it lessens the impact.



Style Credits:
Jessica Chastain:Atelier Versace Embroidered Gown | Chopard Jewelry
Styled by Elizabeth Stewart | Hair by Renato Campora | Makeup by Mary Greenwell

Oscar Isaac: Prada Tuxedo


[Photo Credit: Alberto Terenghi/Ipa/]

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