Emmys 2021: The Cast of “Schitt’s Creek”

Posted on September 21, 2021


The Rose family reunited for the Emmys, to everyone’s delight. Of course this wasn’t some sort of nostalgia stunt but the common practice of the previous year’s acting winners showing up to present. In this case, it just so happens that they’re all from the same show. Expect the Ted Lasso crowd to have a similar moment next year. Anyway, they kinda look great all lined up like that? We add the question mark because while they look pleasingly coordinated as a group, we only like half the outfits here. And it feels like everyone but Eugene is trying perhaps a little too hard to tell you that they’re not the character they played.


Catherine O’Hara in Cong Tri

Like, this isn’t remotely Moira Rose-esque. We wish we could say we liked it, but we never were able to get too excited about pants worn with trains. Like rockstars and models, it’s a marriage that works a single-digit percentage of the time. The bodice is overworked and the color is a little harsh.




Annie Murphy in Valentino Couture

This is a dressing gown for someone at least a foot taller than her.



Dan Levy in Valentino Couture

We appreciate when he embraces bright colors and chooses unusual shapes. He’s one of those male stars who’s been forcefully challenging a lot of conventions of male style. Rather than integrating womenswear into his choices (which he’s done, but sparingly), he’s been exploring unusual iterations of menswear tropes more often. But we’re sorry to say, this is unflattering, sloppy, and ill-fitted. The proportions are weird and those pants are entirely too long. We also don’t think a style like this works with Frankenstein boots. Going by the runway shot below, this is may be a classic FMO (For Models Only) look.




Eugene Levy in Valentino Couture

Okay, we lied. We said we only liked half of the looks, but it turns out we only like one of them. Eugene Levy is one of those men who happens to make classic formal menswear look like the height of male style. We think it’s the combination of his hair and signature glasses. They elevate a standard look into something almost theatrical.




Style Credits:
Catherine O’Hara: Cong Tri Orange Ensemble from the Fall 2021 Collection | Kendra Pariseault Jewelry | Stuart Weitzman Shoes
Styled by Andrew Gelwicks | Hair by Ana Sorys | Makeup by Lucky Bromhead
Annie Murphy: Valentino Emerald Evenin Gown from the Fall 2021 Couture Collection
Styled by Erica Cloud
Dan Levy: Valentino Electric Blue Ensemble from the Fall 2021 Couture Collection
Styled by Erica Cloud | Grooming by Miles Jeffries
Eugene Levy: Valentino Tuxedo | Montblanc Watch
Styled by Erica Cloud | Hair by Ana Sorys | Makeup by Lucky Bromhead


[Photo Credit: Cliff Lipson/CBS, Francis Specker/CBS, Hau Le/Courtesy of Cong Tri, valentino.com – Video Credit: Television Academy/YouTube]

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