“Ozark” and “Inventing Anna” Star Julia Garner Covers W Magazine’s Pop & Fall Fashion Issue

Posted on August 26, 2021

W Magazine Volume 4 The Pop & Fall Fashion Issue, on stands September 14th, features Emmy Award Winner and Ozark actress, Julia Garner, on the fourth and final cover for the issue. With a big year ahead, Garner talks about Ozark coming to an end with its final season, how acting classes helped her in her childhood, as well as preparing for her upcoming Shonda Rhimes series, Inventing Anna, as pseudo-socialite Anna Sorokin (aka Anna Delvey).







Prepping for her upcoming role as pseudo-socialite, Anna Sorokin (aka Anna Delvey) in Shonda Rhimes upcoming series Inventing Anna: “Shonda was able to shoot interviews of Anna the first week that she got into jail,”… “so I’d already spent a lot of time looking at things like how she moves her eyes and how she talks, how her accent changes based on who she’s with. And I’d also been told that she was really smart. But when you meet Anna, you realize she’s actually kind of a genius, and she’s incredibly charming and really hilarious—a very dangerous combination. That wasn’t something I could have predicted.


On how she surprisingly related to Anna Delvey: “We’re both young women, and I know that sounds like a really general, basic thing to have in common, but it’s not,”… “In your 20s, you’re finding yourself, your identity, and your purpose in life. Anna was going about it the wrong way, obviously, but that search is something I recognize.”


The impact acting classes had on her childhood: “I had really bad reading problems and learning disabilities, and I was also very sick as a child, with epilepsy,”… “I felt like everything that I said was stupid, so I just shut down. But when I took acting, I discovered that I could use someone else’s lines and still express my own feelings. I loved that, because I felt like I was being heard. And not only that, I felt like I could hear myself for the first time.”


On her acting process: “Kind of a hocus-y pocus-y process,”… “I kind of just relax my body and  try to take myself out of it and put the character inside,”… “And then I ask questions and let the character answer them. ‘What was your biggest fear as a child? What was your greatest trauma?’ She becomes a person to me, someone I know inside and out.”


Mastering Anna Delvey’s accent for her role in Inventing Anna: “Anna’s posing as a German heiress, but actually she’s Russian, so first I had to learn to speak in English with a proper German accent, and after that learn a slightly Russian accent to add underneath,”… “Then you have the element that she probably learned English from the Brits, because she’s European, but she’d also lived in America and loved to watch Gossip Girl. So the musicality of her speech was American.”


On filming Ozark and Inventing Anna when the pandemic hit early 2020: “One day I would practice a Ruth accent, and then the next day an Anna accent, so I wouldn’t lose those two muscles,”… “That whole year and a half was just back and forth on those two roles,”… “And both of the women I was playing were very intense!”


On the end of Ozark: “started coming to Atlanta to film in 2017, and it was the first place where I actually lived on my own,”… “The fact that Ozark is ending hits me in waves. I met some of my best friends here. It’s almost been like my weird version of a college experience.”



[Photo Credit: Renell Medrano for W Magazine]

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