Pop Style Opinionfest: Someone Pry the Olympics Uniforms Out of Ralph Lauren’s Hands

Posted on July 23, 2021

Kittens, it’s all there in the title. We got one look at those ridiculous country club preppy nightmares on the U.S. team during the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics and we went OFF. But we switched the mics on first because this rant was too good not to record.


Thanks to Lorenzo’s research, we run down why Ralph Lauren has been designing the U.S. Olympians’ uniforms for so long, who used to do the job before he got it, why his vision of Americana is so outmoded as to be borderline offensive, and who should get the gig designing the uniforms for the 2024 team. It’s time for Ralph to ride one of his hundred collectible cars off into the sunset and enjoy his retirement. The preppy look died a much-needed death thirty years ago for good reasons.

Also, because we just LOVE to stick our foot in it, we have much to say about Prince Harry’s upcoming memoir and you might be surprised to hear our collective take on it.

Also-also: Delta, don’t you dare take away our September Met Gala, you bitch. A little side convo on how we’re approaching the new COVID anxiety differently than we did 15 months ago, based on what we’ve learned since.


It’s all there, darlings! From the frivolous to the rather deadly serious, all offered up by two bickering queens with cartoon voices. Thank you once again for listening.
[Photo Creditt: Joel Griffith for Ralph Lauren]

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