Cannes 2021 Style File: Josh O’Connor in Loewe

Posted on July 12, 2021

Because Lorenzo has a serious fashion crush on him, we are not allowed to let a Josh O’Connor red carpet or photo call go by without featuring him. That, and our oft-stated commitment to praising and showcasing any male star willing to step outside the Businessman’s Lunch aesthetic. As we always say, actors, if they’re not particularly wedded to  either male glamour or old-school masculinity, should dress like what they are: artists. Josh embodies that with his style choices, which are often challenging, sometimes awkward, but absolutely never standard or expected.



The scrolldown made us laugh with delight. The kicks absolutely pull the whole look together, head to toe. There’s such a thing as Awkward Chic and he could not be more perfect for it. In fact, we’re not sure this outfit would work on anyone but him. That shirt gets weirder the longer we look at it, but that’s the appeal of an outfit like this: it gives you a lot to take in. Perfect for promo work.


He’s not exactly breaking down barriers by wearing a pink suit. Plenty of male stars have been thinking pink for a while now. Still, this looks absolutely perfect on him, especially when he sports the shades. The shoes are surprisingly disappointing, though.


Style Credits:
First Look: Loewe Ensemble
Second Look: Loewe Pink Suit

Styled by Harry Lambert


[Photo Credit: Cover Images/, Daniele Venturelli/WireImage]

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