Cathy Cambridge Visits the Natural History Museum

Posted on June 23, 2021

Duchess Kate, serving a little bit of “I’m a cool mom” realness.



If royal style evolves on an individual level, it does so very slowly, in fits and starts. The Queen’s personal style may have changed a bit with the times, but she largely sticks to the same preferences and choices that she did 70 years ago, with only minor tweaks to keep up with the times (not many pillbox hats in rotation these days, for instance). Even Diana took a while to get free of the twee sweaters and piecrust collars she trapped herself into wearing for the first ten years of her royal duties. It was really only the sharp cut of the divorce that allowed her to start embracing Versace, cleavage and revenge dresses. Kate has a clearly defined style that’s served her well, but for a bunch of reasons we might surmise (age, the throne looming ever closer, Harry, the pandemic), she seems to be trying a few minor changes in style. Not that Casual Cathy is something new. She’s done the jeans-and-blazer bit for years now when the situation called for it and there’s every indication that she’d prefer to dress this way more often than not in her public duties. All of this is really just a preamble to note the not-necessarily shocking observation that she’s gotten away from her usual cut and color of jeans for something lighter, high-waisted, and looser in fit. We thought they’d have to pry her beloved dark wash skinny jeans out of her cold hands, but it looks like the Duchess knows when it’s time for a (very) minor freshen-up.

She’s also been wearing a lot more pink lately. This blazer is fabulous and it totally makes the look.





Style Credits:
Chloé Gathered Grain de Poudre Wool Blazer
& Other Stories Jeans
Veja Esplar Bicolor Leather Low-Top Sneakers


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