“Lovecraft Country” Star Jurnee Smollett in Ronald van der Kemp Couture for the PGA Awards

Posted on March 25, 2021


Celebrities are avatars for our emotional states, which is why people can find themselves defending them or even attacking them, depending on where they’re situated vis-à-vis what’s going on in our own lives at the time. This idea has not only been the foundation of all of our celebrity coverage for nearly 15 years of blogging, but we wrote a whole-ass book based on it. We’re saying this because we’ll totally cop to this impression being more about us than about them, but as this weird-ass awards season winds down right at the very end of lockdown, it feels like celebrities are getting … we don’t know … obvious? No, that’s not the word. Blatant. Blatant in their style choices. Not in a bad way; more in a “keeping it real” one. Because it feels like Miss Jurnee is straddling that line between formality and homewear that so many celebs are trying to figure out, but she’s also wearing something that would probably never see the flashing lights of a red carpet:



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Just as Gal Gadot’s PGA getup was a pretty on-point “I’m keeping this as easy as possible while still being a star” sort of look, this unlikely combination of ’90s party dress and ripped jeans with a crease feels like the exact right way to go at the end of all of this weirdness. People are going to start dressing SO WEIRD when we all get out of the house at the same time and this just looks like a preview of what you’ll be seeing at your local bus stop on Monday mornings this fall.






Style Credits:
Ronald van der Kemp Ensemble from the Spring 2021 Couture Collection

Styled by Alexandra Mandelkorn | Hair by Nikki Nelms | Makeup by Emily Cheng


[Photo Credit: María José Govea via Alexandra Mandelkorn/Instagram, Marijke Aerden/Courtesy of Ronald van der Kemp]

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