Style File: Heidi Klum Heads to Work at “America’s Got Talent”

Posted on March 31, 2021

Oh, how we miss the days when celebrity sidewalk sashays were more of a thing. Lockdown put the kibosh on any empty-purse-swinging opportunities for most celebs, especially since the two cities most likely to host sidewalk-dwelling stars, New York and Los Angeles, have been suffering through spike after spike as we barrel toward that end-of-tunnel glow. But we can always rely on the hard-working Kluminator to step out on her way to her next job, with a photo-ready look and a willingness to smile for the cameras.



While the suit may have gotten a little wrinkled in the car ride, we think this is a fabulously well-curated look. We’re not sure we’d have come up with orange accents for a sort of dusty pink, but it all works really well together. The bag is cute and the sandals are chic. Believe it or not, Heidi always had a great eye for flat sandals.




This is really cute, but it took us a minute to accept that print, which has more than a whiff of the ’90s about it. Out first impulse was to declare the pink bag and shoes to be a little too “Barbie,” but if Heidi Damn Klum can’t get her Barbie on, then what is a Barbie for? She looks cute – and we’re pretty sure the combination of print and silhouette in that jumpsuit is nearly impossible for mere mortals to pull off.




Style Credits:
First Look: Gucci x Disney Mickey Tote
Second Look: Zimmermann Poppy Belted Floral-print Linen Jumpsuit | Hermès Ostrich Birkin Bag | Ray-Ban Sunglasses | Christian Louboutin Shoes


[Photo Credit: BauerGriffin/,]

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