“Schitt’s Creek” Star Dan Levy on “Saturday Night Live”

Posted on February 08, 2021

Once again we find ourselves turning to the formerly unlikely arena of Saturday Night Live to secure a fix of high-quality celebrity high fashion. And while it’s true that we’d slap up pictures of a supermarket opening right now if it had a red carpet with a couple of C-listers on it, it really does feel like the SNL guest host gig is turning into more of a celebrity style thing during a time when the stars are getting very few chances to promote their visual brand, which is, after all, what red carpets and photo shoots and talk show appearances are: branding exercises. John Krasinski gave us plenty to talk about when he had the gig a couple weeks back, but we can’t claim we’re actually all that surprised that this past week’s guest host Dan Levy also came correct. After all, he’s more than established his bona fides as one of the leading celebrity fashionistos by  now.


Thom Browne

Thom Browne would have to be the least surprising of his choices, since he’s worn the brand plenty of times and the distinctive Browne cut and silhouette are sort of his trademark.



J.W. Anderson

But it’s fun to see him playing with color as much as he does shape. You can see all the look book shots of these pieces below, if you’re curious about the full garment.


J.W. Anderson

LOVE. Why dress normal for a photo shoot? Why not wear a ridiculous coat and have fun with it?



Comme des Garçons

Disco Dan. The best thing about these looks is that he and his stylist really took this moment to show his range. David Rose had such a distinctive style (which was, not coincidentally, also Dan’s style), but this is the time for him to show the public that there’s more to him than that one character; that one look.




Again: we love that he took this opportunity to model some really weird, totally impractical fashion. There’s a difference between making fun of fashion (in the Zoolander sense) and having fun with it. This is very much the latter.



This is a form of sorcery. We maintain that very few mortals could make this sweater work, what with the bird motif and the ribbing at the hem, neck and cuffs. It looks great on him.




This almost feels like a momentary breather. It’s so very his style and what we’ve come to expect that it’s easy to just breeze past how good he looks in it. But it looks itchy.


Dior Homme

This is a “We respect the choice if not the outcome” sort of look. We hate the jacket if we’re being completely honest. Grafitti print motifs can go wrong so easily, but when you start hanging giant fringed tassels off the design, you’ve veered off the tracks. Still, we’re duty-bound to appreciate the high-fashion weirdness of it in such a mainstream setting.


Style Credits:
First Look: Thom Browne Ensemble from the Pre-Fall 2021 Collection
Second Look: J.W Anderson Green Shirt Coat from the Fall 2021 Collection
Third Look: J.W Anderson Floral Oversized Coat from the Fall 2020 Collection
Fourth Look: Comme des Garçons Silver Metallic Jacket from the Spring 2021 Collection
Fifth Look: Loewe Trench Coat from the Spring 2021 Collection
Sixth Look: Casablanca Sweater from the Fall 2020 Collection
Seventh Look: Celine Striped Suit from the Spring 2020 Collection
Eighth Look: Dior Homme Printed Shirt with Fringe Detailing from the Pre-Fall 2021 Collection

Styled by Erica Cloud | Grooming by Laila Hayani


[Photo Credit: Mary Ellen Matthews for SNL, NBC, Courtesy of Thom Browne, Courtesy of Loewe, jwanderson.com, Courtesy of Comme des Garçons, casablancaparis.com, celine.com, dior.com]

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