Friday Leftovers for the Week of January 24th 2020

Posted on January 29, 2021

Look at us, darlings! Compiling a whole collection of undiscussed celebrity style attempts! It’s always nice when we can pretend things are normal, isn’t it? Let’s judge!


Alicia Keys in PatBo

Comfy pants are what everyone’s wearing, so you may as well make it fashion. It’s not like she doesn’t look great in that setting. Love the coordinating hoops.



Alison Brie in Alexandre Vauthier

Fuzzy comfy slippers are also what everyone’s wearing, so we salute Miss Alison for keeping it real. Can’t say they coordinate all that well with the sexy frock, but at least her toes are warm and comfortable.



Allison Janney in Galvan

We’re not sure what Miss Allison’s all dressed up for, but she’s pulling off a velvet jumpsuit with aplomb and that deserves some recognition.



Chrissy Teigen in The Row

Girl, you had us until we got to the goofy-ass bottom of those pants. Gorgeous coat, though.



Ella Hunt in Marc Jacobs

Who could argue with any of this? She looks adorable and chic.



Jessica Alba in Jonathan Cohen

Lots of seventies-style orange and brown combos on the style scene of late. We can’t say we love the color or the ribbon sash, but she can work a flared leg like no one’s business.



Jennifer Lopez

J Lo’s on another of her “posing in all-white” kicks…


Jennifer Lopez in Valentino

So it’s best to just ride it out until she gets it out of her system. She goes through these “all colors are bad” periods pretty regularly. Bitchiness aside, she looks great in both outfits, of course.



Kiki Layne in Cong Tri

Love the jacket, love the boots, confused by the skirt. It just looks like some fabric wrapped around her.



Lily Collins in Dolce&Gabbana

Sorry girl, we’re gonna need to see that jacket in a standing position. That shape looks a little tough to pull off.



Mindy Kaling in A.L.C.

We’re all for having fun with these at-home ensembles, so if Miss Mindy wants to wear hideous cowhide clogs and a baseball cap purse in her backyard, we’re just grateful she’s keeping it to the confines of her home. Great skirt. The vest doesn’t really seem to go.



Sadie Sink in Prada

Youth probably helps a lot in pulling this off, but we think she looks fantastic here.



[Photo Credit: Alicia Keys/Instagram, Erin Walsh/Instagram, Lily Collins/Instagran,Mindy Kaling/Instagram, Monica Rose/Instagram, Rob Zangardi/Instagram, Sadie Sink/Instagram, Sarah Slutsky/Instagram, Sophie Lopez/Instagram, Tara Swennen/Instagram, Wayman + Micah/Instagram]

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