Emily Blunt Promotes “Wild Mountain Thyme” in a PARADE of Fashion

Posted on December 16, 2020


Miss Emily will wear ALL the looks. With a selection of pieces suitable for the kind of promotional tour her new wacky-ass movie Wild Mountain Thyme, but no promotional tour to be had, Emily Blunt’s stylist Jessica Paster did her all up in a whole slew of killer ensembles for Vogue and posted these shots on her Instagram.

Once again, we weep for the 2020 that might have been. Some of these looks are gorgeous and more than worthy of a red carpet.


Emilia Wickstead

Absolutely ADORE this. Fantastic shape, gorgeous color. We figure some of you might have issues with the seaming here, but we actually really love the way they’re placed and how they shape the garment. Hair and makeup look great. We’re so-so on the shoes. The color is right, but we think pointy-soled sandals look weird.





Saint Laurent

Can’t fault a gal for wearing culottes if she can work them this well. Love the suit and boots, but we wish the blouse had provided a little color or contrast. Even a black one would have worked better.




Hmm. A suspiciously outfit-obscuring pose. Can’t really assess what’s going on here, but we do think the sandals look a little strange with the …skirt?



Alexander McQueen

Hard/Soft is really the look for latter 2020, isn’t it? All the ladystars are doing it. This is more Soft/Little Touches of Hard. We like the belt and boots. The dress is super-fussy, but the lady did play Mary Poppins. She can handle ruffles and twee with the best of them.



Christine Alcalay and Ulla Johnson

SPECTACULAR. What a fabulous color story and fit. The necklace is a lovely touch.



Louis Vuitton

Just perfect. They scored some amazing suits and jumpsuits here.



Miu Miu

We know we keep using this word, but… cute! We love the juxtaposition, but we wish the dress had just a little bit more to it. We think a longer sleeve would do a lot.



Brandon Maxwell

The only look here that’s not quite working for us. We hate to sound like we have some sort of rule for this (because we don’t), but again, we’re struck by the imbalance between the footwear and the lack of a sleeve. The look as a whole comes off bottom-heavy. The textile of the dress looks too heavy for the design of it.



Chloé and Ulla Johnson

Whew. We’re back to stunning. She’s really playing around with color and shape on this shoot. Love every single thing here, including the asymmetrical hem, which we normally loathe. What a fantastic bunch of high-impact looks.



Style Credits:
First Look: Emilia Wickstead Jumpsuit | David Yurman Earrings | Manolo Blahnik Shoes
Second Look: Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello Suit | Anita Ko Jewelry | Eriness Jewelry | Temple St. Clair Jewelry | Le Silla Boots
Third Look: Dolce&Gabbana Blouse and Skirt | Misho Jewelry | Jimmy Choo Sandals
Fourth Look: Alexander McQueen Dress, Belt and Boots | OFA Earrings
Fifth Look: Christine Alcalay Suit | Ulla Johnson Blouse | Sydney Evan Necklace | Christian Louboutin Shoes
Sixth Look: Louis Vuitton Jumpsuit | Anita Ko Necklace and Ring | Dinh Van Ring | Christian Louboutin Shoes
Seventh Look: Miu Miu Dress | Sydney Evan Earring | David Yurman Ring | Schutz Boots
Eighth Look: Brandon Maxwell Dress | Melinda Maria Jewelry | Le Silla Boots
Ninth Look: Chloé Sweater | Ulla Johnson Quilted Skirt | EF Collection Earrings | Bondeye Rings | Anita Ko Rings | Le Silla Boots


Styled by Jessica Paster | Hair by Renato Campora | Makeup by Jenn Streicher


[Photo Credit: Jonny Cournoyer, Renato Campora via Elizabeth Stewart/Instagram]

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