WERQ From Home: Mindy Kaling in Rosetta Getty and Tory Burch

Posted on November 17, 2020

Now that’s what we call “interpreting a look!” No, really. We call it that all the time.

Miss Mindy took to the ‘gram to do a little backyard modeling and demonstrated just how far away you can take a couple of pieces from their original styling.


QUITE the sassy little look, from it’s big pink kitty bow to its pink platform sandals; from the flare of the pants to the classic quilted Chanel bag, there’s a lot going on here and the overall vibe is one of exuberance and fun; like a chic children’s show hostess. But you’d never have gotten that impression if you’d looked at the look book shot first:


Credit where it’s due: It takes a good eye and a sense of adventure to look at the pieces above and come up with an ensemble like this. As an ensemble, it’s a little too cutesy-precious for the real world, but it makes for a great backyard shot. As we’ve said plenty a time recently, this sort of at-home celebrity style pretty much calls for impracticality and risk-taking. If you’re posing in your yard, you need to go BIG or go — well, you’re already home, so go… to another part of your home, we guess.


Style Credits:
Rosetta Getty Plaid Ensemble from the Pre-Fall 2020 Collection
Tory Burch Fringe Blow Blouse
Chanel Bag

Styled by Devyn Holbrook


[Photo Credit: Mindy Kaling/Instagram, Courtesy of Rosetta Getty, Courtesy of Tory Burch]

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