Billboard Music Awards 2020: Billie Eilish in Gucci

Posted on October 15, 2020

We cannot tell you how much we hate to do this. First, because we’ve always been big supporters of her particular take on fashion and what it represents for her. Like so many music stars, you need to take their style choices on their own merits, in terms of what the artist or performer is attempting to project, whether that’s showing up in a meat dress or showing up in fetish gear, whether the look is punk or cowboy or sex kitten or even sensitive loser, there’s no point in talking about pop star style unless you’re willing to let go of your conventional expectations. We just made this same point in talking about and praising Post Malone’s look, which is another reason why we hate to do this.

We hate this. Not because it’s voluminous or shapeless. Not because it’s not pretty or girly. And definitely not because it’s unconventional. On the contrary; we hate this because it looks like pure Nana-wear, circa 1991. It’s pretty much a conventional pantsuit from about 30 years ago; suitable for officewear or someone’s grandchild’s birthday party. We get that she wouldn’t make that connection and also that fashion is cyclical, but as much as we agree that she should be praised for going her own way and not submitting to trends or expectations, we just can’t get behind this one.






Style Credits:
Gucci Printed Ensemble

Styled by Samantha Burkhart | Hair by Benjamin | Makeup by Robert Rumsey


[Photo Credit: Todd Williamson/NBC, Christopher Polk/NBC, Rich Polk/NBC]

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