WERQ From Home: Amanda Seyfried Promotes “Mank” in Givenchy and Stella McCartney

Posted on October 26, 2020

It’s funny. We’ve covered Amanda Seyfried’s promo style for pretty much a full decade by now but if you asked us to describe her style, we don’t think we could. If you asked us to name one outfit she’s worn in the last ten years, we don’t think we could answer that either. We’d place her in that class of actress who does what she has to on the style front when her job requires it, but she really doesn’t come off like some sort of fashionista in the Blanchett/Hathaway/Nyong’o mode. This is pure workwear for her. Even so, this look strikes us as fairly representative of her style, such as it is:



Simple to the point of almost being basic. The reason it works so well is that it suits her perfectly. The formal shorts seem a little dated to us and we can’t imagine a less interesting choice than matching your lip to your blouse to your shoes – and yet we love this on her. It makes for a strong picture and – our quibbles aside – it’s impossible to argue that she doesn’t look great. The hair and makeup are gorgeous on her.


Style Credits:
Givenchy Black Tuxedo Blazer
Stella McCartney Red Blouse

Styled by Elizabeth Stewart | Hair by Renato Campora | Makeup by Genevieve Herr


[Photo Credit: Elizabeth Stewart /Instagram]

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