Venice Film Festival: Cate Blanchett in Alexander McQueen

Posted on September 09, 2020

Good Lady Cate is throwing down the gauntlet. After a week of semi-cazh and recycled looks as she paraded all up and down Venice (or so we like to imagine), she has opted to shock you all to your cores (or so we like to imagine) by forcing you to consider one of the most … challenging gowns she’s ever worn. It’s as if she was softening us all up this week, knowing how hungry we’ve been for some celebrity fashion in our lives, just so she could throw this at us. “You want celebrity fashion?” she’s saying. “Fine. Here’s 2020 in dress form. How’s that for ya?”


Well alright, then. We feel this look merits intense debate and discussion, which is why we’re turning the final judgment over to you. Debate the interplay between softness and hardness in the design; the push-pull of traditionally feminine motifs with the suggestion of a man’s tuxedo jacket. Elucidate and argue your thoughts on the highly askew quality of the design, as well as it’s idiosyncratic use of corseting and it’s brave deployment of a frayed hem. Off with you, now! Debate and discuss the particulars before coming to a conclusion!


Hahahahahaha, who are we kidding? You’re all gonna hate it.


Cate Blanchett’s Challenging Gown:

IN or OUT? 


Go ahead. Prove us wrong. Also, it looks like she’s got her right foot jammed into that shoe wrong, which may explain her pained expression even if we still believe she is experiencing an aesthetic pain, knowing that she’s wearing a pretty silly dress in public.


Style Credits:
Alexander McQueen Tuxedo Gown from the Spring 2020 Collection
Pomellato Jewelry

Styled by Elizabeth Stewart | Hair by Roberto D’Antonio | Makeup by Mary Greenwell


[Photo Credit: Ipa/, Courtesy of Alexander McQueen]

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