Meet the Queens of Drag Race Holland

Posted on September 08, 2020

The introduction video and promo shots dropped for the upcoming Drag Race Holland and once again, we find ourselves sucked back into the world of Drag Race, ready to root for another crop of queens. We admit that’s not so surprising, given our long interest in the show (as well as our *ahem* vested interest in it), but this really does look like quite the fun crop of queens.




Host Fred van Leer certainly seems excited enough (and has his bona fides, not only in reality television, but also in drag) and while the range of queens isn’t as wide as the world of drag encompasses, it’s nonetheless a pretty good cross section for a Drag Race show. First impressions? We’re all about ChelseaBoy and Madame Madness at first glance. Give us a good bearded queen and we’re ready to root for them. You can learn more about each queen by clicking on their name, which will magically whisk you away to their insta profiles. Because a queen just isn’t a queen these days without a killer social media game.



Miss Abby OMG









Janey Jacké






Madame Madness



Envy Peru






Patty Pam-Pam



Megan Schoonbrood



So who are you rooting for? Which one looks like the bitch of the group? Who’s your prediction for serving the most sickening looks? Drag Race Holland will be premiering on September 17th on WOW Presents Plus in the U.S. Of course we’ll be expressing opinions on it. Did we mention we wrote a book?


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[Photo Credit: Courtesy of Videoland – Video Credit: Videoland via YouTube]

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