Emmy Awards 2020: Zendaya in Christopher John Rogers and Armani Privé

Posted on September 21, 2020

Kittens, we just knew it. And now we wish we’d been a bit more forceful in predicting it. Are we talking about the fashion at the Emmys or Miss Zendaya’s historic win as the youngest winner to ever snag the Best Actress in a Drama trophy? Both, actually; because we’re super-economical in our writing, being big-time bloggers and all. First, a triumphant nyah-nyah to all those folks in years past who kept asking us why we were featuring Zendaya so much and/or implying we were getting paid to do so by her management. Bitches, we know an up-and-comer when we see one and from the second Miss Z stepped away from her Disney roots, we could tell she had a game plan and the skills to back it up. We just saw “star” written all over as soon as she started aging into more grownup roles. And we knew she wasn’t going to slack off on this night, for which she’d worked so hard. Which brings us to our next point.

There was a lot of pre-Emmys talk about how the night was going to be super-casual and everyone was going to be lounging in pajamas. We never believed it and we’re happy to report we were right again. There wasn’t just a smattering of fashion moments (which is honestly what we expected); there was a full night of them – and some of the looks rivaled anything you’d have seen if there’d been a traditional ceremony and red carpet. First, there was simply no way someone like Zendaya was going to take the moment of her possible first major awards win as a time to show up in sweatpants when she’d spent a full decade establishing her brand as a fashionista. The same could be said for a whole bunch of other nominees as well. Celebs may occasionally complain about the hassle of constantly presenting yourself and utilizing whole teams to pull it off, but the fact remains that most TV and movie stars aren’t too keen on appearing on-camera looking like crap – especially at an industry event with the possibility of a career-making award being handed to them. In a more practical sense, there was never going to be a fully casual Emmys ceremony because there is an entire industry of people – stylists, fashion house reps, makeup and hair artists – representing millions of dollars of merchandise and labor, who rely on awards shows as a major part of their work year. And finally, we don’t really believe that people wanted to turn on their TVs at this time and look at a bunch of people sitting on their couches dressed just like them. The people who tune into awards shows tend to do so because they like the glamour of them and the stars know that.

So yes, we fully expected a night of Emmys fashion. But even we were taken aback by how hard Miss Zendaya went. Girlfriend was not fooling around.


Zendaya in Christopher John Rogers



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First, she came out to present in this angular, ultra-high fashion gown from currently super-hot celebrity designer Christopher John Rogers. The silhouette is dramatic as hell, set off by a sleek hairstyle and drop-dead stunning necklace. We love this as a statement-making look and we think it represents something of a trend of celebrities picking slightly edgier or more interesting choices  because they didn’t have to parade them down a red carpet. This likely wouldn’t have traveled all that well, and it may not have stood up to thousands of photos taken from dozens of angles, but it was perfect for this moment, which only required her to walk in a straight line (like a runway) and stand. We likely would have been a lot more critical in a red carpet situation, but we appreciate this for bringing something different and unexpected to the proceedings.


Zendaya in Armani Privé



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But when it came time for her to snag that award, she dropped the edgy high fashion and went for full-on glamour party girl. Again, this outfit might have been too much hassle on a night that required limousine travel and sitting in theater seats for hours at a time. But her team knew they could get away with something fussy and impractical in her living room and they went for it, knowing that the results would be eye-popping. We LOVELOVELOVE the skirt. Personally, we wish the top had a little bit more coverage, not so much for prudish reasons as proportional ones. Still, it’s a super-glam and unexpected look, topped off with big sexy hair and a ton of sparkly jewelry. A star is born.



Style Credits:
First Look: Christopher John Rogers Moire and Silk Taffeta Dress | Bulgari Jewelry | Christian Louboutin Shoes
Second Look: Custom Armani Privé Black Velvet Bandeau Top Fully Embroidered in Pearls and Crystals and Black Matte Weave Skirt with Powder-Pink Polka Dots | Bulgari Jewelry

Styled by Law Roach


[Photo Credit: ABC, christopherjohnrogers.com, Courtesy of Armani Privé, Law Roach/Instagram – Video Credit: Television Academy]

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