Tilda Swinton Working a Balenciaga Gown in the First Clip From Pedro Almodóvar’s “The Human Voice” Is Sheer Perfection

Posted on August 27, 2020

We’re  not normally in the habit of posting about film clips, but Jesus Christ, it’s been so long since we’ve had a worthy drop-dead, high-fashion moment courtesy of Pope Tilda. Just play the clip and let the fabulousness wash over you. We promise it will be good for you.






Sublime as fuck.

The film will be debuting at the Venice Film Festival next month and if we don’t get some version of Pope Tilda on some sort of socially distanced red carpet, we will … complain very strongly about it. But at least we’ll have this gorgeous shot to tide us over. Everyone laughed at those massive-skirted Balenciaga gowns when they walked the runway, but boy, do they look fantastic on film.


The Human Voice (approximately 30’) is a very free adaptation of the original stage play by Jean Cocteau, with which Pedro Almodóvar has been dreaming of for decades. It tells the story of a desperate woman (Tilda Swinton), who waits for the phone call of the lover who has just abandoned her. It marks Pedro Almodóvar’s first time shooting in English.

El Deseo produced The Human Voice, with José Luis Alcaine as director of photography and Alberto Iglesias as composer.

Pedro Almodóvar says: “I am very excited about coming back to Venice in such a special year, with Covid 19 as involuntary guest. Everything will be different, and I am looking forward to discovering it in person. It is an honour to accompany Tilda in a year in which she is receiving a very much deserved award. As a matter of fact, The Human Voice is a festival of Tilda, a display of her infinite and assorted registers as an actress. It’s been a spectacle to direct her.”


Cannot WAIT to catch this one. The combination of Almodovar and Swinton is so spectacular that we almost fear it can’t live up to our expectactions. Almost. This clip did a lot to calm any doubts.




Style Credits:
Balenciaga Ballroom Turtleneck Dress in Red Bonded Velvet from the Spring 2020 Collection


[Stills: Agustín Almodóvar Oficial/Twitter – Photo Credit: balenciaga.com]

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