International Fashion Spotlight: Thai Label Shone Puipia

Posted on August 26, 2020

Thai fashion designer Shone Puipia launched his eponymous line in 2017 after graduating from the master’s program of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Belgium. An exhibition of several pieces from his student collections described his style and aesthetic better than we could:

“In his works, Shone creates a myriad of female identities often finding his muse in many lead female characters from his favourite films. He is also inspired by the visual aesthetics of many film directors and visual artists such as Wes Anderson’s and Peter Weir’s cinematography, David Hockney’s and Georgia O’Keeffe’s paintings to photomontages and Kate Blacker’s sculptures. He would collage these characters and their mise-en-scène with other visual references and translates them into unique garment designs allowing us to explore these new identities as seen through his lens.”

We love his unusual sense of color, the way so many of his pieces feel androgynous, and the use of slightly unexpected shapes and silhouettes. There’s a richness to his work that doesn’t detract from its modernity.






[Photo Credit: Courtesy of Shone Puipia]

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