Pop Style Opinionfest: Love & Marriage, Celebrity Style

Posted on July 24, 2020


We kinda feel like the title and accompanying picture tell you everything you need to know about this week’s podcast, but we’ll fill in a few details. The theme is “celebrity marriages,” but in each instance, we have a slightly different point to make. With regards to Will/Jada and Kim/Kanye’s recent public marital troubles, we can’t help but look at them from the perspective of a couple who have been walking down the same road together for decades. It seems to us that a lot of the rhetoric surrounding Will and Jada’s Red Table Talk is coming from a point of view that, respectfully, does not seem to understand what it’s like to be inside a marriage for several decades. It also seems to us that there’s a distinct misunderstanding about spousal responsibilities in the discussions surrounding Kim and Kanye at the moment. And finally, Princess Beatrice’s wedding was a moment of high royal romance fantasy, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t also a practical and even cynical public relations coup — and there’s nothing wrong with pointing that out.

Plus: Lo’s latest thematically appropriate Netflix obsession (which is probably yours at the moment as well)!



It’s all there, darlings. An hour of our cartoon voices spewing the opinions you love to hate to love! Thank you for listening, dolls!



[Photo Credit: INSTARImages – Video Credit: Netflix via YouTube.com]

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