Pop Style Opinionfest: Love in the Name of Pride

Posted on June 26, 2020

Happy Pride, darlings! We’ve spent most of the last month doing our bit and writing about various aspects of Pride and queer history, but in case you missed it, Lorenzo has been compiling a massive thread on twitter of queer couples in history, just being queer and completely in love. If you click on it here, you can scroll through the whole thing and witness decades and even centuries of queer love in all its gorgeous forms.





We talk a bit about the history behind these pictures; what they represent, what you should look for in the backgrounds, and how they formed queer identity in the modern age. From there, it’s a hop and skip over to a conversation about Netflix’s Disclosure and how the writing of our book forced us to examine our own shortcomings and prejudices in regards to transgender people and their place in our history.

There’s also a little discussion in there about the challenges of trying to sell a book and publish a website at a time when pop culture is shut down and the culture at large is wrestling with some heavy – and much more important – questions and issues. Which makes a lovely jumping off point to discuss the world of entertainment and its somewhat questionable plans for plowing forward. Will the Emmys still happen as planned? Will American film stars be banned from traveling to the Venice Film Festival? Do people really want to go back to movie theaters? T Lo explain it all to you. Or rather, they bat it around and come to no firm conclusions either way. Spoiler!




All that, and in a brisk, breezy manner that won’t depress you, stress you out, or waste your time! QUALITY podcasting entertainment, if we do say so ourselves. And as always, we can’t think you enough for supporting our nonsense. LUVYAMEANIT.



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