Cathy Cambridge in Sandro and Beulah London

Posted on May 18, 2020

Mrs. Cathy’s royal duties continue apace, having moved from walkabouts to sitabouts as a format. And while that means a full recounting or assessing of her style choices isn’t possible, that doesn’t mean a bunch of royal fashion watchers can’t extrapolate a bit, does it? Time for another round of GUESS CATHY’S SHOES.



The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Mark the First Anniversary of Shout

The Duchess is extremely well-versed in image craft and knows that if you’re only showing yourself from mid-chest up, picking a cute or eye-catching neckline or collar is most of the style battle won. She doesn’t wear white too often, so when she does, it tends to stand out all the more.



Sandro ‘Cecil’ Scalloped Short-Sleeve Cardigan


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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have marked Shout’s first anniversary, by speaking to five of our Crisis Volunteers about their experience of providing support to the thousands of people who have texted Shout over the past twelve months. The Duke of Cambridge thanked our volunteers, saying: “You guys are the trailblazers, you have been doing a fantastic job keeping Shout moving forward, so well done and thank you for all your hard work; we really appreciate it.” For the first time ever, one of the Crisis Volunteers on the call, @alexiscaught will be taking over @kensingtonroyal Instagram stories today. Tune in as he lets people know about Shout and answers your questions. We are also launching our #shout85258 challenge today and we’d love you to get involved to help even more people know that they can text Shout for support in a crisis – more details to follow! #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealthmatters #itsoktonotbeok #timetotalk

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Do we think she wore them with jeans? We’d love that – especially since she’s got a fondness for (and ability to werk) super-skinny jeans. She also has a fondness for wedge espadrilles, but that’s not what we’d rec for the look. If she’s in jeans, then we’d hope she’s sporting her favorite cute kicks, but if she wanted to dress it up, a pump in one of her go-to colors (navy blue, most likely) would look great. White pumps with this would look un-Royal. Sniff.



The Duchess of Cambridge at Mental Health Awareness Week Broadcast

Looks like Mrs. Cathy’s collar could’ve used another round under an iron! We’re just saying. It’s comforting to know that even the future Queen of England is just doing her best to get by while working from home. This dress is really cute and if she wore it for an actual walkabout, we’d have applauded the deployment of bold color and pattern.



Beulah London ‘Calla Rose’ Red Floral Shirt Dress



She’d never wear open sandals with this, even though the dress practically begs for them. Once again, there’s a high likelihood we’d see her sporting a pair of wedges with this, but we’d love to see her shock everyone with a pair of white canvas loafers.


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First Look: Sandro ‘Cecil’ Scalloped Short-Sleeve Cardigan
Second Look: Beulah London ‘Calla Rose’ Red Floral Shirt Dress


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