Pop Style Opinionfest: Does “Making the Cut” Actually Make the Cut?

Posted on March 27, 2020

What? Like you thought we weren’t going to have a few things to say about Heidi and Tim’s new Amazon-fueled fashion show? Kittens, please. As soon as we saw that Prime dropped the first two episodes a little early last night, we hunkered down (even further), unsheathed our claws (because we were skeptical) and plowed through the first two hours of it.


Unfortunately, the nature of the show and Amazon’s publicity approach means we can’t do a runway rundown and assess each look individually, but we give our best overview and review of the show, both the good parts and the bad.



And yeah, there’s more than a little bit of bad, from our perspective. It’s an incredibly well-made and extremely expensive-looking production that does a very good job of mimicking what it’s like to work and exist at the higher levels of fashion (the runway shows are jaw-dropping), but if you ever paid attention to us as we raged through the Lifetime years of Project Runway, you’ll see a few familiar tropes play out.



But don’t worry! We don’t hate it! We just really dislike certain parts of it. Listen in and we’ll tell you why.




And of course, we lightly chat a bit about life under lockdown Chez T Lo, how we’re coping, what we’re planning on, and the ways in which we avoid being at each other’s throats (hint: it helps that we’ve been working together from home for 15 years). PLUS: Our best attempts at words of encouragement to buck you up. Because we love you guys. Take care and thank you for listening!



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[Photo Credit: Courtesy of Amazon Studios – Video Credit: Amazon Prime Video via YouTube.com]

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