Style File: Nicole Kidman in J. Mendel and Michael Kors Collection at the Producers Awards and the SAG Awards

Posted on January 21, 2020

Jeez, talk about running the style gamut. While we admire any celeb who can switch things up in her style and not get stuck in a rut, we are amazed that these two looks happened roughly 24 hours apart.



Nicole Kidman in J. Mendel at the Producers Guild Awards

Straight up: We’ve been scrutinizing this woman’s red carpetry for a decade and one thing she absolutely never does? Cutesy posing. She must hate this. We can’t even imagine how she couldn’t. She looks – to be perfectly blunt about it – absolutely awful. Whoever decided putting the palest woman in showbiz in an all-white ensemble is a person whose thought processes need to be scrutinized vociferously before anyone listens to them again on matters of style. The person who did her hair just needs to be fired. What an awful outfit. FASHION DESIGNERS: ONCE AGAIN WE ARE FORCED TO REMIND YOU THAT IT IS PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE TO MAKE A GOWN/PANTS HYBRID THAT DOESN’T LOOK COMPLETELY TERRIBLE. Please make a note of it.

And now, the rebound:


Nicole Kidman in Michael Kors Collection at the SAG Awards

There is no man in fashion who makes for a better rebound after a red carpet disaster than Michael Kors. You won’t find the trendiest or most forward-facing fashion in his lot, but he’ll always set you up with something that photographs well and looks great on you. Love the color, love the hair, love the soft and sparing use of ruffles (at a time when everyone else is way overdoing them). Don’t love the shoes, though. They’re fabulous on their own, but they look a bit too heavy and focus-pulling for this dress.


Style Credits:
First Look: J. Mendel White Ensemble from the Pre-Fall 2020 Collection | Hanut Earrings | Manolo Blahnik Shoes
Second Look: Custom Michael Kors Collection Maritime Sequined Double Crepe Sablé Gown | Lydia Courteille Jewelry | Le Vian Diamond Bracelets | Alexandre Birman Shoes

Styled by Julia von Boehm | Hair by Lorenzo Martin (first look) and Italo Gregorio (second look) | Makeup by Kate Synnott


[Photo Credit: Sara De Boer/, Hahn Lionel/ABACA/,]


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