Grammy Awards 2020: Lana Del Rey in Aidan Mattox

Posted on January 28, 2020

In which Miss Lana poses T Lo something of a conundrum. How to not be total bitches about this?


You may have heard the news about this gown – that Miss Lana found herself at the mall, saw this dress and simply had to have it. And while we totally swear we’re not snobs about this sort of thing – no, really – we find ourselves once again coming to the conclusion that stylists are a necessity for any celebrity making a red carpet appearance.

It’s not that this is a bad dress. In a real-world setting this would look great on just about anybody. But that’s kind of the issue here. There’s an off-the-rack generic quality to this look. Again, there’s nothing wrong with that if we’re talking about the real world, but we think the Grammys call for a little more than a really good off-the-rack gown. It doesn’t help that her styling looks so DIY and she’s not wearing jewelry when the gown really calls for it.





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Aidan Mattox Fully Beaded Evening Gown


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