“All the Bright Places” Star Elle Fanning Covers Marie Claire’s February Issue

Posted on January 16, 2020

For Marie Claire’s February 2020 issue, Fanning opens up about the importance of speaking out about depression and mental health in young people – her love for vintage clothes – why Twitter scares her – how her relationship with Angelina Jolie changed over the course of filming “Maleficent” — and the piece of advice Nicole Kidman gave her that puts her at ease.





On the importance of her upcoming film, All the Bright Places: “Depression and mental illness in young people is so real, and it’s something people don’t want to talk about and want to shy away from. It has to be out there for people to see it, to get help, to not keep it hidden.”

On how Fanning relates to All the Bright Places: “At that age, I was experiencing first love and, like, relationships and just how impactful that is on your life. That never goes away for people. That first love is so intense and sets up so many things in your life. And also, not to get into too much, but it was also… not the best… It was kind of a tumultuous relationship.”

On her love for vintage clothing: “Some people are repulsed by that smell of vintage clothing, but I love it. I think it’s because I’m a very nostalgic person and I daydream a lot. I feel I was possibly born in the wrong era – those old movies, Grace Kelly, so gorgeous.”

On how her relationship with Angelina Jolie changed while filming Maleficent between age 14 and 21: “Angelina’s and my relationship definitely changed. She didn’t have to look at me as a kid; she didn’t have to censor what she could talk about. That was exciting, to have that relationship.”

On social media preferences: “Twitter scares me! Oh my God, Twitter is so intense. Instagram, I do enjoy.”

On the advice Nicole Kidman gave her about choosing projects: “Because a lot of people are all, ‘You have to be so delicate. You have to choose this,’ and Nicole [Kidman] is like, ‘It’s OK, you’re young! Freedom!’”


[Photo Credit: Thomas Whiteside/Marie Claire Magazine]

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