Pop Style Opinionfest: Lights, Camera…FASHION!

Posted on December 06, 2019

Kittens! We’ve been away from you for far too long! To make it up to you, we flipped on the mics and got EXTRA sassy and opinionated for you. We run down our holiday woes and tribulations, then we tell you all about the uniquely challenging experience of recording our own audiobook (which we ACED, by the humble way), before we launch into some reviewin’ and recappin’, old-school T Lo style.

First, we sat down to watch The Aeronauts, which comes out today.




We had much to say about it, most of which can be boiled down to a positive T Lo recommendation. It may not be as historically accurate as we’d have liked, but the action scenes are top notch and the two leads have effortlessly intense chemistry with each other. A lot of fun, if not a perfect film.

Then we just had to revisit the world of The Mandalorian, which is turning out to be one of our favorite shows of the year. This week’s episode co-starred Amy Sedaris and also stuck a toe into the Star Wars universe waters, tying itself to the original trilogy in ways it hasn’t dared so far. It’s the only reason we’re paying for Disney+ and it’s so good, it’s reason enough for us.

And finally, we had much to say about last night’s surprise episode of Project Runway. As much as we enjoyed doing the old-school recaps last season, our schedule right now isn’t going to permit it, so we’ll be returning to weekly podcast recaps.


Alan Gonzalez


Asma Bibi (Eliminated)


Brittany Allen (Winner)


Chelsey Charter


Dayoiung Kim


Delvin McCray


Geoffrey Mac


Jenn Charkow (Eliminated)


Marquise Foster


Melanie Trygg


Nancy Volpe-Beringer


Sergio Guadarrama


Shavi Lewis


Tyler Neasloney


Veronica Sheaffer


Victoria Cocieru




As always, thanks for listening, darlings!


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