GQ Men of the Year Awards 2019 Red Carpet Rundown

Posted on December 06, 2019

Okay, gentlemen and one lady, line up for judgment. You went to a GQ party so you better have brought your swanky-ass style with you.





Billy Eichner in Etro

We love him and we want to applaud his boldness, but we really don’t think the suit and the shirt go together at all. It’s a pretty fun suit, though.




Darren Criss

Absolutely not. We are ALL FOR pushing the boundaries of menswear, especially if doing so forces questions about what is and isn’t considered masculine. We have no problem with menswear that borrows heavily from traditional womenswear elements. But since we loathe satin gowns on the red carpet and have little time for big, incongruous trains hanging off of garments that weren’t meant to support them, we feel comfortable denouncing this hideosity on its own merits. It’s a NO, Darren.




Jameela Jamil in Greta Constantine

It’s not the freshest style in the world, but we really can’t see anything to argue with here. She looks pretty spectacular.




Jon Hamm

Too-Tight Hamm strikes again. It’s a deliberate choice to emphasize his bigness, but it just looks sloppy as hell.




Lil Nas X





Post Malone

We love that he likes to fool around with traditional men’s suiting, but he looks much better when the suit’s just a little louder or a little less conventional. He looks like he’s about to auction livestock.





[Photo Credit: Media Punch/, Sara De Boer/]

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