Caitriona Balfe in The Vampire’s Wife at the British Independent Film Awards

Posted on December 02, 2019

Let’s not call this “eating crow,” darlings. Let’s call this … expanding our horizons. You see, we’ve been pretty vocal all year long about the trend among celebrity ladydom to wear the faux-naive prairie dress-inspired styles most often found with a The Vampire’s Wife label sewn inside. It’s not necessarily that we dislike the style itself — okay, that’s a bit of a lie. To be honest, and to no one’s surprise, we don’t truly love the Laura Ingalls Wilder look and we’ll never really be able to look at certain modestly naive styles without thinking of religious cults. But honest and for true: it was the ubiquity of the style that bothered us more than the style itself; the way it suddenly became de rigueur and allowed for little in the way of interpretation. Once you commit to the prairie, there’s not much you can do to zhuzh it up. Still, given the current social and political atmosphere, it’s perhaps not surprising that celebrity women really just want to cover up and keep things simple to an almost juvenile point.

Anyway, that’s all beside our main point, which is this: Sometimes you have to just shut up and admit when something works. Case in point:


She looks spectacular, full stop. In fact, we’d go a bit further than that. This may be one of the best, most well-suited dresses she’s worn in ages.


Style Credits:
The Vampire’s Wife Festival Rose Print Maxi Dress
Lala Léxa Bag
Stella Luna Shoes

Styled by Karla Welch | Hair by Christina Heuwagen | Makeup by Emma Lovell


[Photo Credit: Matt Crossick/PA Images/,]

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