2019 CMA Awards: Carrie Underwood, Dolly Parton, and Reba McEntire

Posted on November 14, 2019




Bathe in the neutrally sparkly diva-ness of it all.


The ladies toned things down considerably for this walk-through, but don’t be fooled by the low-keyness of their looks. As hostesses, they’re perfectly coordinated to match the backdrop here exactly. To borrow a phrase, this ain’t their first time at this rodeo and they know the value of well coordinated stagewear.


Carrie Underwood in Yas Couture

We’ll note that we’re giving a very relaxed sort of response to these looks, knowing the venue, their roles, and their own preferences, but we’ve got to say, we kind of hate this. It’s like a formal ice-dancing costume. We’ll never like sheer skirts over mini-skirts. Not that we wanted her to sport granny panties. Just line the whole thing with a black underdress and call it good, girl.



Dolly Parton

Aside from the platforms and the sparkly gloves, which are pure Dolly, this look is one of her more conventionally glamorous in a red carpet way. Dolly still breaks out the eye-popping stagewear, but she toned down her essential Dollyness to coordinate well with her country sisters her.


Reba McEntire in Johnathan Kayne

Well congratulations to Project Runway’s very own Kaynebow for getting his work out there. This is classic, simple and elegant in the way Miss Reba tends to prefer at this stage in her career.



They really do look great together, any bitchy quibbles we might have aside.






[Photo Credit: Laura Farr/AdMedia/Media Punch/INSTARimages.com, ABC/Image Group LA]

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