“The Addams Family” Movie Premiere Red Carpet Rundown

Posted on October 07, 2019

Kittens, the stars and vocal talents came out to celebrate the latest attempt to put The Addams family back on screen. We gave Miss Charlize, aka Morticia the spotlight, but let’s see how the rest of these folks did, shall we?




Chloë Moretz in Louis Vuitton

It seems likely that she has, if not a contract then at least an understanding with the Louis Vuitton people. So on the one hand, we can’t blame this on her, and on the other hand, we sure hope that check was huge.




Christina Aguilera in Tom Ford

This would be the one red carpet event where we would expect someone to show up in Morticia cosplay. Which means she sort of gets a pass here. We can’t say we love the bangs but this is the sort of look that naturally suits her. Even so, that neckline is terrible.




Elsie Fisher in Drome

One of our favorite things about last year’s award season coverage was the opportunity to showcase Miss Elsie’s unique, fun, and admirable sense of style. No surprise, we love this. We feel like she staying true to herself and offering up a colorful, sassy, photogenic look that’s just right for the occasion




Finn Wolfhard in Valentino

He’s sort of like the male Elle Fanning in the sense that he’s so well-suited to one particular look that there is no point in critiquing it. He looks like a teen idol pop star and he dresses like a rock star. It’s almost like there’s no other option available to him, so just go with it while you can, kid.




Snoop Dogg

He’s Snoop. He’s Cousin It in this film. What more do you need?






[Photo Credit: Eric Charbonneau/EPK.TV]

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