Toronto International Film Festival: Nicole Kidman at “The Goldfinch” Photocall and Premiere

Posted on September 09, 2019

Miss Nicole’s got a movie to flog and it’s getting mixed-at-best reviews, which means the decidedly mixed results of her festival fashion is somehow on-point. First, let’s start with the casual look:



Nicole Kidman in Christian Dior at “The Goldfinch” Photocall

Okay, what?

We feel like all of Nic’s style instincts somehow evaporated in the face of these items. Or this combination of them, anyway. We love the shoes, kind of like the sweater. We don’t think it’s easy to pair the kickass former with the decidedly precious latter. Clearly, those ungodly cropped leather patchwork pants were chosen to bridge the gap. They’re awful, we’re sorry to say. To make matters worse, the bag doesn’t go with any of it and her hair’s kind of a mess. Oh, Nic. Let’s just forget this one, for everyone’s sake.




Nicole Kidman at “The Goldfinch” Premiere


Again, we’re puzzled because there’s good stuff here, but there are also some odd decisions. The dress is exactly at the center of her style sweet spot: witchy glam. That hem is often a difficult one to pull off, but Miss Nic made things a thousand times worse by picking what we’re safely declaring one of the ugliest pairs of shoes we’ve seen all year. Lady, what even are those? And did you grab the incongruous and largely useless jacket as a way of distracting from your feet?



Style Credits:
Photocall Look: Christian Dior Sweater from the Resort 2020 Collection | Chloé Pants
Premiere Look: Chanel Strapless Dress with Lace Detailing from the Fall 2019 Couture Collection

Styled by Julia von Boehm

[Photo Credit: Hahn Lionel/ABACA/, imageSPACE/Media Punch/]

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