Nicole Kidman at Fondazione Prada Event: IN or OUT?

Posted on September 19, 2019

Hmm. Miss Nicole wears some strong brands and strong looks when she needs to step out in public, but it strikes us how Prada is one she returns to with a surprisingly rare frequency. It’s not that she never wears the brand, but we wouldn’t count her as one of her go-tos. We wonder if she struggles with their aesthetic or feels it’s unsuited to her. You tell us:


Personally, we think this all works fairly well, but we do have some quibbles. The bag and shoes are a bit focus-pulling. We feel like the belt’s not the best choice, but that feels a but nitpicky to us. The design of the dress is nothing to get excited about, but we figure this is a fairly understated event. We suppose our favorite aspect is the print, which looks kind of great on her. That’s our take, anyway. Should Nicole be diving into the Prada waters more? Does this look need serious editing? Does it feel like a fresh direction for her? So many questions, kittens; none more important than:


Nicole Kidman’s Prada Moment:

IN or OUT?


Style Credits:
Prada Dress, Bag and Shoes

Styled by Julia von Boehm

[Photo Credit: Getty Images for Fondazione Prada]

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