VMAs 2019 Red Carpet Rundown

Posted on August 27, 2019

Alright, attention-seekers, line up for judgment. We’ve singled out plenty of attendees for some personal one-on-one judging, but there are far too many of you and far too few hours left in the day. We’re gonna have to do this drive-by style.



2 Chainz

Mr. Chainz, that is a ladycoat. Someone should’ve told you.




Ava Max in Kaimin

This absolutely REEKS of manager interference. Maybe we’re wrong and she really wanted to come to her first VMAs in a Halloween costume, but we’d bet money she was told to wear this.




Bebe Rexha in Christian Siriano

The whole look is incredibly aging. We have no idea why she’d want to go in this style direction. It does nothing for her.




Blac Chyna in The Attico

Sure. Okay. It’s the VMAs, after all. At least her ballet pumps coordinate with her bathmat, which is a sentence that makes perfect sense in this context.



Camila Cabello in Balmain

Yuck. It looks like a twisted sheet. The area from her waist to her crotch is hellaciously overdesigned and awkward.




Lil Nas X has this look locked up, sir. You just come off like a pretender.




DJ Khaled

Looks about ready to fire up that grill.




FKA Twigs in Ed Marker

Love the hair and makeup but we can’t make any sense out of that pile of fabrics she’s wearing.



Gigi (in Tom Ford) and Bella Hadid (in Charlotte Knowles)

These outfits are kind of awful. Bella’s is just plain bad and can’t be rescued. Those straps and those plastic shoes are abominations. Gigi’s is okay, but the top half looks too tight on her and the whole look is in desperate need of color.



H.E.R. in Valentino

We think we love the jumpsuit, but her hair and snake are kind of preventing us from getting a good look. We know she’s upholding a long VMAs tradition by bringing her slithery friend with her, but we find it a little stale as stunts go.




Hailee Steinfeld in Aadnevik

Meh. We’re a bit disappointed given her long past as a cray-wearer.




Halsey in Dundas

The rainbow part looks a little gross, to be honest. The dress – and we use that term as loosely as possible – just looks silly.




Hayley Kyoko

It’s different, we’ll give it that. We could be convinced on the pants but that shiny plastic top is terrible.




Heidi Klum in Nedo by Nedret Taciroglu

We are not loving this trend of weird straps or scraps just hanging off skirts for no reason. Aside from that one irritating detail, this all works in a very Heidi tight/short/shiny kind of way.




James Charles

She tried it.



Lenny Kravitz

Werq it while you still can, Mister. We won’t try and stop you.




Lil Kim in The Blonds

It’s The Blonds and Lil Kim, so one should expect it to be over the top at the very least, bordering on tacky if it’s done right. We don’t love the feather tumor, but there’s no point in expecting normal here.




Monica in Libertine

Super-fun dress but the beret looks a little silly with it.





We don’t love the bodysuit, but the head-styling is flawless.




Queen Latifah in Sergio Hudson

Eighty percent of this look is way too staid and understated for the VMAs, making her look more like a chaperone than an attendee. The other twenty percent is simply a terrible idea about which we will say no more.




Remy Ma in Karen Sabag

It’s dramatic, but the fabric looks too heavy, the skirt has too many elements and the top is way too tight.







[Photo Credit: JOHN NACION/startraksphoto.com, imageSPACE/Media Punch/INSTARimages.com]

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