Pop Style Opinionfest: A Pre-Fall Pod-Pourri

Posted on August 30, 2019



Oh, wait. That’s literally no different than any other day with us. Well, it certainly felt vehemently important at the time. For this week’s rant, we flipped on the mics and opined on a bunch of different things that happened either in the CULTCHA or just in our lives. We’re a little solipsistic that way. Anyway, we know we’re a week late, but there was no way we weren’t jumping into the Lara Spencer/Prince George kerfuffle with both feet. We talk about why popular TV personalities laughing at little boys for doing the things she evidently thinks little boys shouldn’t be doing is so damaging to everyone, not just dancers and not just sissies. We talk about why her apology missed the mark completely and why so many gay men reacted so strongly to it.

We also, just because we’re self-absorbed that way, talked about what it’s like watching a tweet go minor-league viral (which is currently happening on our timeline), why such things tend to happen, and why we’ve never made virality a central part of our online presence (not least because it’s not among our top talents – and it is a talent).

Also-also, because we’re super-caffeinated and bouncing from topic to topic, we reacted a bit sadly to the news that Kirsten Dunst feels like Hollywood doesn’t get her and largely ignores her. That’s not right, Kiki, but you have to know that the gays have always had your back, girl.





Also, we managed to drop in there that we’re currently making our way through screeners of season 3 of The Crown and that we saw the Downton Abbey movie yesterday. We’re completely verboten from saying any more but we wanted you to know that because your jealousy tasted like candy to us, darlings.

Thanks for listening!

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