Venice Film Festival: Liv Tyler and Ruth Negga at the “Ad Astra” Screening

Posted on August 30, 2019

If these ladies didn’t coordinate, they certainly were lucky in how it all turned out, because they look great together.


Outside of when same-sex couples or bridemaids do it, no one in fashion writing talks much about the power of coordinating looks. We tend to bring it up when talking about mixed casts, but it’s especially helpful for female co-stars on a promotional push. And we say “coordinating” because we definitely don’t mean “matching.” What makes these looks work well beside each other isn’t just the black-and-white scheme, but the matching sense of formality, the use of satins, the tightly coiff’d hair and heavy eyes, and the way each look highlights the shoulders and decolletage differently. They don’t match. They just look great together.



Liv Tyler in Givenchy Couture

She will forever be expected to work dramatic, sweeping, fantasy or gothy sorts of looks, ever the elf princess. Sometimes she’s good about finding ways to work within those constraints but keep things fresh. This sexy witch vibe is so perfect for her and she has the ability to work slightly goofy shapes and silhouettes. We wouldn’t normally praise matching purple eyeshadows and earrings, but her witchy magicks somehow make it work.


Ruth Negga in Louis Vuitton

We think we like it better with the jacket but it’s only a minor difference in preference. The belt is what really makes it, we think. She avoids earrings like the plague most of the time, which is an interesting little style quirk we can respect, but we think this look was definitely screaming for some head sparkle. If not on the ears, then maybe in a hair clip of some sort. Still, it’s a great look for her.




Style Credits:
Liv Tyler: Givenchy Strapless Dress from the Fall 2019 Couture Collection

Ruth Negga: Custom Louis Vuitton Head-to-toe Ensemble Featuring a Crystal-Embroidered Belted Strapless Dress
Styled by Karla Welch | Hair by Lacy Redway | Makeup by Alex Babsky

[Photo Credit: Simone Comi/IPA/, Aurore Marechal/ABACA/]

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