Tiffany Haddish in Libertine at “The Lion King” Los Angeles Premiere: IN or OUT?

Posted on July 10, 2019

Kittens! It’s been so long since we let you get a word in edgewise! Let’s give you the floor on this one.



But we get to say a few things first. Why? Look at the url.

Anyway, we love the suit. It couldn’t be more perfect for her and because she’s not actually in this film, it makes a nice bit of low-key but highly photogenic branding for her. But we are the professional nitpickers here so we must leave you with these two bitchy pieces of criticism: the shoes look terrible with it and the earrings are too loud. To the former point, blue suede pumps are just an odd choice for a metallic suit with a rocker feel to it. If you have to wear pumps, choose a pair with spikes or studs or chains or something. Anything to take it away from the businesslike feel. As for the earrings, they’re too matchy and we too focus-pulling. Hoops may be a bit of a cliche, but they’d have looked so much better here.

There. Discussion points for you. Now answer the question:

Tiffany Haddish’s Rock-and-Roll Realness:

IN or OUT?




Style Credits:
Libertine ‘Jimi Lyrics’ Jacket and ‘Jimi Lyrics’ Narrow Pants from the Fall 2019 Collection

Styled by Law Roach

[Photo Credit: INSTARimages.]

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