Pop Style Opinionfest: Getting Catty with the “Cats” Trailer

Posted on July 19, 2019


You heard us. Last night, THIS happened:





And if OUR weekend had to be ruined by these nightmare images, then yours does as well. As you can probably guess, we are not fans of this trailer. As you might further guess, we’re not fans of Cats. Nevertheless, we had to weigh in on the utter weirdness of this one, if for no other reason than EVERYONE ELSE seems to have an opinion on it and we just hate to miss out on that action. We talk a bit about why this play never appealed to cat-loving us (the fact that we love cats has quite a bit to do with why we don’t love Cats, it turns out). We tie this into the similarly negative reactions to The Lion King‘s digital animation choices and how it’s impossible to “realistically” anthropomorphize animals digitally without either creeping people the hell out or leaving them bored by the disconnect between image and action.

After that, we chat our way through the Emmy nominations, offering further thoughts on snubs, predictions and preferences. Why? Because we just can’t keep our mouths shut.



But isn’t that why you love us so? And why we love you in return for loving us so? Darlings, can you feel the love tonight?

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[Photo Credit: Universal Pictures, INSTARimages – Video Credit: Universal Pictures via YouTube.com]


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