Keanu Reeves Honored with Hand and Footprint Ceremony

Posted on May 15, 2019

The King and Queen of the Gen X prom came out to soak up a little attention and remind everyone that their hotness refuses to diminish. Even so, we’ve got some things to say about their style choices.



He is who he is. We realize applying a conventional critique to his style choice (singular) is pointless. He wants to wear the same suit paired with the same inappropriate choice of footwear to go with it. Fine. But why does the suit have to look like shit? And while we’re at it: why insist on the work boots? You’re an artist and a celebrity. You don’t dig ditches, Keanu. We realize that fashion doesn’t interest him, but if you’re going to settle on a uniform, at least maximize the impact by making sure it’s a good one.



To be blunt: we don’t like the dress at all. The high collar, keyhole, dropped waist and micro-mini length combine to make for a proportional nightmare. Counterpoint: She looks amazing in it anyway because she’s Halle Berry. Final point: As hot as she looks from the neck down, that hair is just… not good.




Style Credits:
Halle Berry: Teresa Helbig Printed Ensemble from the Fall 2019 Collection | Atelier Swarovski Core Collection ‘Moselle’ Ring in Golden Shadow | Chloe Gosselin Sandals

Styled by Lindsay Flores | Hair by Sara Seward | Makeup by Jorge Monroy

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages,]

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