Pop Style Opinionfest: Kings, Queens, Fashion Warriors and Jazz Hands

Posted on April 19, 2019


What? Like you thought we were just going to let the long goodbye of Game of Thrones commence without expressing our opinions on it? Silly kittens. OF COURSE we have plenty of things to say about the final-season premiere of everyone’s favorite dragons-and-boobs show. We talk about how this season reminds us of the final episodes of Lost and how we desperately hope this show doesn’t make the same mistakes. We talk about how it’s inevitable that the end of the story will instantly become controversial and people will separate themselves along sharply drawn lines from which they will argue ad nauseam. But we also talk about the things we really loved about this episode and how it makes us hopeful that the ending will satisfy on some level even if it’s bound to be seen as problematic.

We also have more gushing to do over Fosse/Verdon, which followed up its premiere episode with a second one just as good, if not better. Michelle Williams is doing amazing things with this role and this episode gave her a lot to work with. She even managed to get a decent amount of dancing in and while she’d never make you forget the real thing, she didn’t embarrass herself. Then again, “Who’s Got the Pain” strikes us as one of the easier Fosse numbers.

And finally – but not in that order – we have additional thoughts on last night’s Project Runway and Drag Race episodes, as the sort of commentary track to our reviews.




It’s just us, chatty little bitches, spewing our TeeVee Tawk into our mics once again, darlings. Thanks for listening!

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[Photo Credit: Helen Sloan/HBO]


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