Friday Leftovers for the Week of April 14th, 2019

Posted on April 19, 2019




Amanda Seyfried in The Label Edition

Terrible proportions. We don’t mind a short-as-hell skirt, but it’s got to look deliberate and not like this, which inspires the inevitable “forgot her pants” jokes.



Busy Philipps

This is very on-brand for her but we’re sorry to say, we’ve never loved how she brands herself. The retro-tweeness doesn’t suit her at all. Look at how clean her face is and how low-key her hair is. A dress like this calls for some lady drag, but that’s not who she is. She should be in caftans and cocktail rings all the time. Not pearls and pumps.



Debra Messing

Basic, but very cute.



Gemma Chan in Monse

Enh. It’s Monse, which means in our view it’s a better-than-average asymmetrical black dress, but it’s still a pretty standard asymmetrical black dress.



Helen Mirren

It’s a little goofy that she’s holding a headless woman’s hand, but we suspect she’s in on the joke. Cute dress, kind of silly shoes.



Kelly Clarkson

Good lord, no. Everything here is terrible and needs to be destroyed immediately.




Keri Russell in Tom Ford

She’s got the bearing and poise to make this look chic and not like she’s a cater waitress who wandered onto the step and repeat.



Linda Cardellini in Ulyana Sergeenko

It’s not a bad choice for this particular premiere, but the shape is awfully stiff and the shoes stand out like sore thumbs.




Michelle Williams and Sam Rockwell

Evidently they were both woken from deep naps and ordered to the red carpet immediately.



Nick Jonas in Paul Smith

So extra and yet so right.



Uma Thurman

She’s Uma Thurman and she has no time for your nonsense. Take the damn picture.



Zachary Quinto

He just can’t help dressing like someone you’d cross the street to avoid, can he?





[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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