Red Carpet Rundown: The 2019 Kids’ Choice Awards

Posted on March 25, 2019

The Kids came out to make Choices, darlings! And a whole bunch of mostly non-kid celebs showed up to soak up some of their youth and adulation! Let us judge.




Frankie Grande

We’re sorry. It’s Monday morning. We really shouldn’t have done this to you.





Janelle Monáe in Petar Petrov

Miss Janelle looks fabulous and also like she threw this look together in a half hour. That’s not a criticism. This is basically a low-key version of a style she’s worn a thousand times, to varying degrees of intricacy and difficulty. This is the easy no-brainer version of her go-to look, in other words.



Jason Sudeikis

Fun Dad just wants you kids to know … “Hugs not drugs,” mkay?





Jennifer Hudson in Hanifa

Not to feather pants, Miss J. That should be a given.




Joey King in Jacquemus

There’s a part of us that feels like automatically saluting any gal who steps out in a harness and leather pants, but this is really goofy and awkward. The pants are fun, even if that shade of red is really hard to wear or match, but that super-weird hip flap just ruins them. The harness is actually kind of interesting, but pairing it with this clownsuit isn’t helping to make it work. The little purse is just dumb.





Kiernan Shipka in Miu Miu

Kiki, we love you, but this is awful. Miu Miu did you wrong by putting you in a skirt made out of old curtains and a top that looks like it was put together in under ten minutes.




Lana Condor in Giamba (Top) and Jonathan Simkhai (Pants)

The outfit’s sporty-cute, the makeup is flawless, but we’re afraid that hairstyle is a bit too precious for us.




Mena Massoud in Balmain

If Aladdin’s busting out the Balmain for the Kids Choice Awards, we can’t wait to see what he’s got planned for the film’s poledance. Hate the shirt, but the jacket’s killer.



Naomi Scott in Valentino

Jasmine, on the other hand, needs to rethink things if this is going to be her planned direction. Granted, hoodies and leather pants aren’t exactly out of the question for the KCAs, but a coat that looks like a muppet suffering from hair loss is a no-go in any situation, as far as we’re concerned.



Will Smith

Dad just wants you kids to have fun tonight. He’ll be watching the game in the parking lot if you need him for anything.





[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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