Felicity Jones, Kristin Scott Thomas and Monica Bellucci at the Dior Couture Fashion Show

Posted on January 23, 2019

The front-row people who tend to get the spotlight at Paris Fashion Week are usually the ones with the weirdest or more outrageous ensembles. Which means, we suppose, that these ladies should probably breathe a sigh of relief that they’re sharing a post. Congrats, gals. You all managed a quiet sort of chic for this one. It may not get you headlines but you come out looking pretty good nonetheless.



Felicity Jones

We’re trying to deal with the idea that this thing has the belt running through the sleeves, but it makes or brains hurt, so we’ll focus on the beautiful shapes and proportions and the fine tailoring. Lose that one bit of goofy and this would be perfect.


Kristin Scott Thomas

The dress and coat are gorgeous and well-suited to her. We could’ve done without the turtleneck.


Monica Bellucci

Gorgeous. A classic look, perfectly rendered. And she’s not even breaking a sweat, which is pretty damn impressive.



[Photo Credit: Dior]

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