Saoirse Ronan in Gucci at the British Fashion Awards 2018

Posted on December 12, 2018

When we did an analysis of her awards-season style last year, we noted that Saoirse veers wildly from style to style, which made us wonder if she didn’t like fashion or didn’t know what her own preferences were, the result of which can often be a tragically inconsistent style. But we’re starting to consider the opposite idea: that she enjoys fashion and likes to switch things up as much as possible. We admit, the difference is somewhat arbitrary, but for us, it comes down to whether or not a person’s constantly shifting style is well executed. When it is, you can assume that there was a certain thinking behind it all. When it’s not, it’s easy to assume that the wearer doesn’t know what she wants or how to make it happen.

Yesterday, we spotlighted her in a gorgeously romantic, pure-white, period-inspired gown, all flow and sweep and ruffle. But before that, she opted to step out looking like she’s starring in a Sweet Charity revival:


It’s all color and shimmer and movement and sexiness – everything her previous dress wasn’t. It took us a minute, because we’re not a hundred percent feeling the colors or the way they’re blocked out, but we really like this. It’s fun and bright and has a very different sort of personality to it than her previous couple of looks. We really hate the sheer cuffs and hem, though. Not enough for us to dislike the look overall, because it feels fresh and fun on her, but we admit, we have to work to ignore them.





Style Credits:
– Gucci Pearl Multicolor Tulle Long-sleeve Dress with Contrast Sequin and Beaded Fringe Detail from the Spring 2019 Collection
– Gucci Feline Head Motif Ring in Yellow Gold with Aquamarine and Diamonds
– Gucci Earrings in White Gold with Diamonds and Mother of Pearl
– Gucci Metallic Leather Sandals with Crystal Trim from the Spring 2019 Collection

Styled by Elizabeth Saltzman

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages,,]

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