Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet Go Their Own Way at the “Aquaman” Los Angeles Premiere

Posted on December 13, 2018

And now for something the A-list red carpets of the world need far more of: Celebrity couples who are also super freaks. Meant in the very best way, of course.


You might think such declarations are a little off-brand coming from us, but the red carpet can get so samey-same all the time. When an unlikely or unexpected bit of skull dude-jewelry literally rear its head – and Johnny Depp is nowhere in the vicinity – we feel like a little more attention is owed.


After all, most male red carpetry is either a businessman’s suit or a guy in a Home Depot parking lot. And of the very few men who put some effort into curating a look, it tends to be a kind of magazine-cover trend of the moment. Lots of guys in skinny plaid suits being lauded for their skinny plaid suits. Is a velvet duster really our sort of thing? Can we look at the jewelry and truly call it chic? Are we absolutely okay with the grooming on that beard? Haha. Darlings, don’t be silly. But it is a goddamn LOOK and it’s honestly the only one that truly makes sense for him, if you expect him to get even a tiny bit dressed up for the occasion. He would look LAUGHABLE in a skinny plaid suit and tragic in a blue banker’s suit. He looks like himself AND he looks like nobody else. That is style, no matter whose taste it appeals to.


We hate fringe and we normally hate heavy boots with gowns, but just like her hubs, she’s got an unquantifiable knack for making certain unworkable fashion things work for her. Again: this is just so her. Darkly Boho-Glam with a kickass, no-bullshit undertone. We’d prefer the fringe not dragging on the floor, but otherwise, it’s dramatic and perfect for her.



This award used to belong to Naomi Watts and Liev Schrieber but those days are sadly over, so it’s time to give it to the next celebrity couple. Congratulations, you two. You have been named The Couple Most Likely To Shag in The Limo On The Way There.




Style Credits:
Lisa Bonet: Alexander McQueen Gown from the Fall 2018 Collection | Jacquie Aiche Pave Green Tourmaline Shower Earrings | Fernando Jorge Jewelry

Styled by Jeanne Yang | Makeup by Kara Yoshimoto Bua | Hair by Sascha Breuer

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages, vogue.com]

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