Style File: Tyra Banks Does Not Go Quietly in NYC

Posted on November 30, 2018

We don’t really get the chance to highlight Miss Tyra’s rather insane promo style, but girlfriend’s got a highly improbable sequel coming out and she took the occasion to get out there and simply ATTACK THE WORLD WITH FASHION.

Brace yourselves, is what we’re trying to say here.



Tyra Banks at BUILD Series in NYC

Okay. Give us a second here. We’re momentarily blinded and overwhelmed by what we’re seeing. In fact, if those of you with the fortitude to handle it could do so, we’d really appreciate if someone could take the time to break down exactly what the hell she’s wearing on her top half? It’s like three or four different garments, morphing in and out at the same time. Like, the pink part looks like it’s being worn both under AND over the printed part at the same time. And those shoulders appear to have materialized out of nowhere. One thing’s for sure: it all helps to get you to ignore the apparent acid attack that was foisted upon her jeans.

But hey, the shoes are nice.

Tyra Banks at “Good Morning America” and “The Today Show” in NYC

Bringing the cray. The ironic part is that almost all of these pieces are kind of cute. They look kind of ridiculous worn at the same time, though. It’s possible the striped top and plaid pants could work together, but you’d need to pair them with some neutrals that tie them together, not layer a damn leopard coat over them and then inexplicable finish them off with invisible shoes and a yellow pedi.

Once again, she found a garment that gives us a migraine if we try and figure it out. Is that big thing hanging off her right shoulder part of the coat? Because if so, what crazy person designed that? Granted, it’s not like the idea of her just randomly hanging some faux fur off her shoulder is any less nuts.

The sad thing is, from the neck up, she’s as gorgeous as always. You really have to work to see it, though. That outfit’s as loud as a jet taking off.


[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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