Style File: Lady Gaga Walks the Straight and Narrow in Celine and Valentino

Posted on November 19, 2018

We were going to lead off with another joking comment about how hard Steffi’s leaning into her Oscars poledance. And she is! To the point that we fear a Hathaway-style backlash if she doesn’t pull back on the reins a little. But that’s a discussion for a future podcast. Right now, we’re here to talk style and Steffi’s Oscars poledance style has gotten slightly more conservative, as expected. But we’d also argue she’s maintaining her individuality on a low-key level.


Lady Gaga in Celine at the Governors Awards 2018

Love this. We’ve seen a lot of black suits and ladytuxes on celebrity women in the last couple of years. Now that they’ve become as ubiquitous as black male suiting and tuxes on the red carpet, they’re faced with the same issue the men always have: how to make something basic and generic come off stylish or memorable. In this case, we think the gold pumps coordinating with the gold buttons make for a nice touch. This isn’t reinventing any wheels, but it’s a notable look for an actress on the awards track. They’re usually expected/pressured into wearing more conservatively feminine fare.



Lady Gaga in Valentino at the 2018 Variety Studio: Actors on Actors Event

Here we see Gaga doing her spin on “conservatively feminine fare.” By showing up looking like a cross between a witch and a drag queen doing Ruth Bader Ginsburg cosplay. Personally, we love this and we consider it a prime example of how she’s navigating the awards circuit style game while remaining Gaga.


Style Credits:
First Look: Celine by Hedi Slimane Black Ensemble | KatKim Jewelry
Second Look: Valentino Dress from the Spring 2019 Collection | Harry Kotlar Jewelry

Styled by Sandra Amador + Tom Eerebout | Hair by Frederic Aspiras | Makeup by Sarah Nicole Tanno

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages,]

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