Red Carpet Rundown: The 2018 British Academy Britannia Awards

Posted on October 29, 2018

Kittens, let’s judge the style efforts of the Brit and Brit-adjacent stars who came out for the Britannia Awards, shall we? If nothing else, there were several valiant efforts at standing out, which compel us to respond with our opinions.



Daniel Kaluuya

We really like everything from the waist up, and that kind of surprises us, since we’re not inclined to love double-breasted jackets, nor do we have a good history with low-contrast shirt choices. But the purple looks amazing on him. We seriously question the use of a vest under a DB jacket, though. And the contrasting dress pants just don’t work, as far as we’re concerned. A simple purple suit without the vest would have been perfect.

Elizabeth Debicki in Prada

Girl, that’s not your gold. Seriously. She basically spent her entire time in the second Guardians of The Galaxy movie slathered in gold and looking insanely fabulous, so we know it’s an element she can work easily, but this is a very brassy, yellowy sort of gold that doesn’t’ look great with her coloring. She needs warmer metallics. Can’t say we much like the style of the dress either. A bit too dowdy-’80s in tone.

Emilia Clarke in Christian Dior

We’ve seen this enough times in the last year that we’re ready to declare the micro-trend of throwing a tuxedo jacket over a party dress to be both lazy and a little precious. You’re not a bridesmaid hooking up with a groomsman at the end of the reception, girl. You’re out there representing yourself and your work.

In other news, we don’t like the color of the dress at all and find the style a little tired.



Jim Carrey

We think this is beautifully on point and perfectly suited to him. We just wish he’d shaved. Guys, it’s a universal hard truth: when your whiskers are mostly white, the stubble look only makes you look like a hobo.

Joan Collins

See now, THIS is how a lady wears a tuxedo jacket over a dress. They have to be designed for each other and well integrated, rather than looking like you’re chilly and you relied on the nearest gentleman to meet your needs. We can’t do anything but respect the old gal for her commitment to looking like a star and her willingness to go a little over the top. Having said that, the necklace really doesn’t go.

Michelle Rodriguez in Ulyana Sergeenko

Works for us. She’s not fussy in her fashion and anything that keeps the lines sleek and makes her look strong is a good look for her. But the hair is bad and she could’ve used a little more makeup.

Viola Davis in Bibhu Mohapatra

Despite the goofiness of the asymmetry, we love this look for her. She always did look amazing in white (no surprise there), but the black graphic elements really make this pop. We just wish they weren’t so randomly and lightly applied.


[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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