Pop Style Opinionfest: TV Shows That Won’t Leave & Drag Queens Who Can’t Read

Posted on May 19, 2017

Okay, girls. Grab your cups and head to the conference room. We’ve got a lot to hash out this week.

First, there is, of course, the usual rundown of the mediocrities of RuPaul’s Drag Race:

Although we swear we were relatively kind this time. Basically, we can’t decide if the season is mediocre because of the collection of queens or because there were production issues (although we lean toward the latter).

After we dispense with that, we’re off and running on another rambling conversation about the state of television. In last week’s podcast, we had a discussion on the problems of Peak TV (summary: There are too many shows to keep up with and because they’re micro-targeting portions of the audience, we no longer have communal cultural moments), but this week we explored the ways in which TV is looping back on itself; namely, by bringing back shows that have ended their runs.

First up, we run down the new trailer for Will & Grace, giving our thoughts, some of which we already expressed this morning on the red carpet post featuring the cast. Suffice it to say, we’re a bit wary on this one. Lorenzo’s feeling it more than Tom, however.

What Lorenzo is decidedly not feeling is the news of a possible Downton Abbey motion picture, although Tom thinks the idea has possibilities, so long as they commit to a time jump and figure out how to tell a good story without relying on Maggie Smith.

We are both more or less in agreement that, despite what Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon keep saying about its possible return, Big Little Lies does not need a second season – unless they follow our advice on how to do it.

And finally, there is the loooooooong-awaited return of Twin Peaks, which comes back to television this Sunday after a quarter-century.

Some cast pics, to whet your appetite:


While there’s every chance this return could wind up being an epic disaster, Tom in particular is extremely excited about it and has some ideas about what the show’s fans should expect – and more importantly, what they should not expect. David Lynch is almost certainly not coming back after all this time just to tell stories about Norma and Ed or who’s in charge of the lumber mill. It’s going to be darkness, murder, horror and surrealism on a level that TV may not have seen before. It’s going to be weird, awful, revolting, frustrating – and hopefully, mind-blowing and occasionally beautiful. Fingers crossed.

As Tom promised during the podcast, here’s a binge guide if you want to get caught up. Twin Peaks only made 30 episodes and most of them are only about 45 minutes long. Given that you can easily skip the majority of the second season, a committed binge-watcher can get to expert-level in about 10 hours of viewing. The series is on Netflix, but Showtime also has it On Demand.


T Lo’s Twin Peaks Binge Guide:

Season One: Pilot episode, episodes 3, 4, 6, and 8.

Season Two: Episodes 1, 2, 7, 9, 21, and 22.

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me

You will miss a lot of information and you may be a bit confused about certain characters, but just watching those episodes will get you the gist of the show (and the likely focus of the new season). Best of all, whatever questions you may have are filled in by watching the feature film followup to the series, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me (on Showtime on Demand). Now, this is not what we’d call a good movie or even an easy one to sit through, but it will explain everything that happened to Laura Palmer leading up to her death. Of course, it opens up a whole shitload of other questions, like why Chris Isaak and David Bowie literally vanished into thin air, but that’s kind of the thing with Twin Peaks. Even if you devoured every single minute of it, you’re not going to be any closer to truly understanding it. Stick with the broad strokes and the most important story points.




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[Photo Credit: Suzanne Tenner/SHOWTIME – Still: VH1, Tom and Lorenzo – Video Credit: CBS Radio/Play it]

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